Spanish emergency could soon become a British one too

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By Glasgow Sam-It might as well be an army ready to make its invasion plans, but the news that the Spanish have warned that up to 80,000 illegal immigrants are amassing in Morocco, with the aim of entering the Spanish enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta, should cause great concern for all.


The two Spanish enclaves sit across from Spain on Morocco’s coastline, and in recent weeks have witnessed hundreds of sub-Saharans charging the triple layer of fences that surround the enclaves.

Deemed as EU territory as they belong to Spain, the enclaves have become a new and much easier target to force their way into, rather than travelling by boat to claim asylum in Europe.

The Spanish Interior Minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, has publicly warned of the build-up of up to 80,000 people readying themselves to gain access. Should such an event occur, the two enclaves would lose all control of law and order.

For the hopefuls who get in it is an instant passage to a claim as asylum seekers, and under EU law they would have to be allowed to make those claims. The Spanish know this must not be allowed, and Europe watches the growing crisis with concern.

Mr Diaz has called the situation a “state of emergency” and he is correct.

Last week a car containing an incredible 17 people and two children tried to break through the border post at Melilla, but was stopped by Moroccan police.

Spain has already increased security at the borders of the two enclaves and has asked the EU directly for help in dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants and so called asylum seekers.

Though we are at this moment not sure if this means that other EU countries are to take some of the asylum seekers off Spanish hands, or whether to help financially in maintaining and increasing border security.

Only days ago, one man tried to smuggle across another man zipped up in a suitcase, whilst a car was stopped and found to have a false bottom beneath the boot which had several men inside.

For Spain the crisis is growing as tens of thousands mass for a break in, which must never be allowed to happen. But the truth is, if there is a mass run for fences, how will several hundred Spanish border guards stop them?

Europe faces a sudden influx of possibly up to 80,000 sub-Saharan Africans all claiming asylum.  Is it not perhaps time for the Spanish to hand these territories to Morocco, thus ending a new and easier way for illegals to gain housing and welfare payments in Europe?

If not, 80,000 will become 100,000 and 100,000 could become …..

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