The UK economy is sadly beyond tinkering at the edges

Despite the hundreds of billions poured into them the financial institutions that provided so much revenue in the past are still broken, at least two of our major banks are teetering on the edge of another collapse and North Sea Oil Revenues are declining rapidly. Our infrastructure is creaking, education is falling further behind our peers and the warped economy that Gordon Brown left behind is still there supporting house prices that no one can really afford with tax credits and benefits that they can’t afford either.rp_bnp_cameron_and_osborne_0.jpg

We print money to lend ourselves and then pay ourselves the interest back and implicitly cancel the debt. Any and all methods of misrepresenting the truly dire state of our economy with laughable inflation and unemployment figures have already been used. There is little or no trust in our current body politic and declining faith in our major institutions like the NHS and the police.

Through it all our politicians still swagger along handing out vast quantities of borrowed money in overseas aid and hugely increased contributions to a corrupt organisation that is gradually taking away our identity and our ability to govern ourselves; presumably to continue the pretence that we are still a major power.

Osborne, and any other Chancellor, will just be papering over widening cracks until they tear down the dreadful legacy we have and start rebuilding from the ground up. It probably won’t be pretty for a while if they do it and it certainly won’t be pretty if they don’t. That though would require real statesmen and women to put the future of the country before their own narrow interests and I don’t see any out there.



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