Osborne’s house price boom is a pure vote buying scam for 2015.

The Chancellor is not about to put the brakes on the housing market,   especially after all he’s done to get it going again.

Osborne’s house price boom is a pure vote buying scam for 2015.
He has already thieved £120 billion from savers and pensioners to fund it and in the end borrowers and house owners will suffer too as the market collapses after 2015.
Appalling Osborne is as bad as Gordon Brown , both have abused Britain for their own pahouseingbubblerty, political and crony ambitions.

What the Tories are doing via the housing boom is so blatantly irresponsible as to be criminal, not in legal terms but in respect of their duty of political care for the country entrusted to them.

Does Osborne calculate that all will come well if he slams on the brakes after the election if, against odds which have discounted the housing boom in advance, the Tories stay in power?

He’s wrong. The electorate won’t forget the cynicism of that. Harold Wilson liked to say that a week was a long time in politics, meaning that other things happen and people forget. They didn’t forget Major’s ERM disaster.

They clung like limpets to the shameful memory of it for almost five years and at the next election that came their way, they gave the Tories a hiding from which they have never recovered.

There are two scenarios regarding the current bubble. One, it bursts before the election; two, it bursts afterwards. The outcome is the same for Cameron and Osborne and it is that they and their party will be held rightly and entirely responsible.