The EU demand nothing less than a total unconditional surrender.

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Cameron hasn’t deluded himself, but he’s trying to delude the public. He’s a Eurofanatic just like his party. This “renegotiation” will NEVER happen and it’s only being used to give the Tories an image of “Euroscepticism” so when they lose in 2015, they can attack Labour for not giving a referendum and pretend that they’re Eurosceptic for another five years.

The Tory Party is the Party of Yes in the 1975 referendum, the Party of the Single European Act and the Party of Maastricht. Cameron is a Europhile and anyone who disputes that lives in a cave.images123

Honest Dave is trying to delude his party and the public with the fantasy of a renegotiation the EU will not allow. The EU has repeatedly stated openly and clearly again and again that there can be and will be no renegotiation of the terms of their takeover of the UK. Why has Cameron been allowed to peddle his lies for so long with challenge?

Ever closer union is not up for renegotiation, the move to a federal state and direct rule from Brussels is set in stone, a United States of Europe is what the EU is all about and always has been. And MSM stooges have known this for years, and yet they act as though they are surprised when yet another leader tries to explain as if she were talking to a retarded mental case that the UK is expected to surrender unconditionally.

The reason why Cast Iron Dave embarked upon his delusionary renegotiation fantasy was to deceive and cheat his backbenchers/core vote/grass roots, the longer he could string them along with false promises the deeper in and more enmeshed and entrapped the UK becomes. Cameron was playing for time all along hoping that his lies would get him past 2015 and the final stage of assimilation.

The EU demand nothing less than a total unconditional surrender as stipulated in the treaties already agreed and signed over the years. The UK is as near to shameful defeat and occupation as at any time in our history

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