Don’t help your child to get a job

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

I think parents know better than Mr Caan what’s best for their own children.


How dare you. This man is the Official Social Mobility Tzar doncha know?

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous, or any suggestion so inane?

“Too many parents are eager to provide their children with the opportunity of
work experience at top companies”

Sorry Jim, I rather think most parents don’t have the option of engaging in nepotism at top firms.

I think an investigation into the most nepotistic industries should be conducted. My money’s on:

1) Politics
2) Journalism & News Media
3) TV & Film

At least two of the above claim to be the “moral voice” of our “democratic” society. Ha!


What a sad state of affairs: a government-appointed ‘tsar’ is saying parents should not do what they can to help their children.

I wish we lived in a world where parents did everything they could to help their children, and we encouraged more parents to do the same. I’d far rather parents took this on (isn’t this part of being a parent?), than sat back and encouraged their youngsters to lean on the state.

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