Diversity is White Genocide-Flash Demo

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By Kevin Layzell YBNP-While many people were getting ready to sleep late on Saturday night, a dedicated band of activists were wide awake, patiently waiting the next instruction to confirm what was to happen the next day.images

I have always been a strong believer in direct affirmative action and was never one to play by the system’s rules. Leafleting is all well and good, but I have always advocated a more “traditional” approach to politics, “hands on”, if you will.

We met at the station and travelled to the demo location by car. Upon arrival, we unfurled our banner, and attached our placards – high over the bridge.

We were well received by the public, with many cars driving beneath honking their horns or waving in support of our message.

The activists stayed there for some time before we heard the sound of sirens and at this point we knew that this was the end. The end of free speech. . .

The police came along and politely told us that some people had found our banner offensive and therefore we were asked to take it down and move along.

We did as they asked – but it did not matter!! We had been there long enough to let those who saw us know who are on the streets and are representing them! If each of those who witnessed our demo tell just one other person, then we will have generated a great deal of publicity in just under an hour.

The purpose of this demo was to awaken people to the idea that diversity is not strength, it is not productive; it is in fact genocide – and – never forget: those in power would happily see the indigenous population removed from the country if that would keep them in power

The banner was created very simply by using a double bed sheet and some cheap spray paint. It was attached the barrier using cable ties – very simple yet very effective! We were pleased to see how effective this was, as shown by the support from the people when we had dozens of cars simultaneously honking their horns in support of nationalism!

I believe that flash demos are the future; they are an effective way for a small group of people to make as much impact as a well-attended demo with hundreds of people. The difference here is we were not so heavily policed that activists could not move without brushing against a policeman’s arm and getting arrested.

This was small scale; but I intend in the future to organise many much larger events all under the radar, and arranged by private and personal texts. One text the week before to alert activists that an event is due to take place and one the night before to confirm the event’s location. This way unwelcome attendees are lost and unable to organise a counter protest or cause trouble.

The flash demo was a great success and it was a real honour to arrange. Never let us forget, that with a few people a real impact can be made. I will be arranging future demos and events; I will continue to awaken the general population to the effects of white genocide.

After the political stunt, we attended the East London Branch meeting, which was chaired by organiser Paul Sturdy. We were amazed to find ourselves honoured by the presence of the South East Alliance members and their leader, Paul Pitt, who gave us a talk about his efforts in street politics and the SEA’s most recent protest against a mosque in Lincoln in which several hundred turned out to show their support.


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  1. Miss.Bridget Reply

    March 3, 2014 at 6:21 am

    The only people who would find the banner offensive would be those who are NOT being earmarked for extinction. I do not blame the Police they were blindly carrying out their orders.

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