Would Malta have to lower the price it charges for EU nationality if Britain left the EU?

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Tiny little Malta recently announced proposals to start selling citizenship rights for €650,0


The EU is a totalitarian organisation, intent on destroying 28 nations and open borders and the sale of EU citizenship to anyone with the money shows that Britain has completely lost its sovereignty.

What this shines a light on – and for that we should be grateful – is the true nature of European states, especially Britain, which are not the “nation states” they deceitfully poses as, in order to legitimise themselves, their political elites and the immense power they wield, but entirely mercenary “patron states”.MAL2

If the price of British citizenship were as high as € 600,000 it would have kept immigration to manageable levels. As it was, and is, British citizenship is dirt cheap, which provides a measure for the level of contempt in which the British establishment holds our country and its native peoples. For them, continuing the tradition of our Norman conquerers, country and people are primary a source of personal material wealth and power.

This is also reflected in attitudes towards the economy, which is given absolute priority, seeing human beings (whether natives or immigrants) primarily as a “human resource”, consumers (markets) and clients of our political elite.

We are up to our necks in 1984, but clueless as to how it happened.

We urgently need to take stock, before our heads are covered too and there is no going back.