It is the People who have lost their powers, Parliament never had any.

I think the floods have actually exposed this whole chicanery of Parliament actually being useful. It has become obvious that they can’t do anything without consulting Brussels. This is why the flood response has been slow and why they continued a vote on smoking in cars when they should have been having an emergency session on the floods.imagesCAWRBHPG

It is the People who have lost their powers, Parliament never had any, supposedly, democracy, supposedly, being ultimate power resting with the People.

The ruling class elite that is running this country into the ground have not “lost their powers” as you might innocently lose your house keys, they have willing and without consent handed over their duties and responsibilities to a foreign and alien and anti democratic super state wannabe.

And they conspired to hide the truth from the British people, misled us and deceived us at every turn. Signed treaties without asking the support of the people, wilfully hid the consequences of their betrayal from us. You see “losing power” suggests some innocent explanation when in fact our ruling class have been planning this for years.

The UK government is now a regional executive for EU supreme governance which it exercises through its stooge front quango empire, the secretive democratically unaccountable bodies enforcing EU rule. And now having discarded their responsibilities they prance and preen and mince around tinkering at the edges pretending it all matters.

Has any government asked whether we ordinary people wish to governed like a pathetic colony? There is only explanation for what the liblabcon have done in our names with our consent, betrayal and treason.

In the current triumvirate of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband we have the most incompetent set of political leaders since politics was invented.



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