No wonder the EU is trembling; the Swiss have the power to destroy the EU.

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Switzerland can expect all of its treaties with the EU to be reviewed after voting for tighter immigration controls, according to the president of the European Parliament.

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said Switzerland could not expect to pick and choose which agreements it kept with the EU.

“We should stay level-headed” said Schulz, adding “but one thing is clear: you can’t take advantage of a big European internal market and stay outside in other questions at the same time. This is what we have to discuss with Switzerland now.images5555

They ooze arrogance and loathe any country or anyone who dares question what they think is absolute objective truth.

They are terrified of people finally twigging that their agenda is to totally remove all rights to a political vote from every adult in Europe. Their hauteur and bluster is as nausiating as it is arrogant, dangerous and ignorant.

Petty tyrants do not like reality disagreeing with their views. These nasty takers who think they know better will have tons more coming their way. Well done Swizerland. You had every right, right or wrong, to take that decision.

The EU is a totalitarian empire destroying nations and implementing a super state ideology completely outside democracy and reason.
It Is extremist, it is ideological and it is a bully and it will abuse Switzerland.
Now Britain is a completely different matter, far too big too abuse and bully.

We are not afraid of the EU sanctions, we managed before the EU even existed and will do so again!

The EU response to the Swiss decision has been both completely predictable and extremely unpleasant. No WONDER they did not want Greece to vote on the euro and replaced the democratically-elected PM by an EU apparatchik for daring to suggest he would offer a referendum to his people.

“if Eurocrats really would impoverish their own countries out of sheer spite – what are we doing allowing such people to rule us?”

I don’t know why you say “if”. The Eurozealots will do almost anything in pursuit of their insane and non mandated project. The ONLY thing that might halt them is the possible loss of their OWN vast salaries and perks.

HOORAY FOR SWITZERLAND. Only a fascist could complain about the obvious functioning of democracy


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