It’s one of the biggest mistakes this country makes – putting everyone else before its own. Even the foreigners can’t understand it.

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Foreign aid cash should be diverted to help the victims of floods in Britain.

Foreign aid is mainly bribes in order to secure contracts! It never improves the  standard of living in these countries!


The governments (all of  them) have NEVER cared about their own people. They use the overseas money to  gain influence with other countries.  Corruption usually siphons the money away.  In the meantime our NHS is failing, pensioners are struggling, food banks are on  the increase and councils have their funding cut. When the country is in dire  need the government conjures up a pitiful amount of money to help. We need a  government that looks after it’s own people and not it’s party, ministers and  sponsors. Can’t see it happening,  too much money to be made by them.

Cameron won’t spend any foreign aid money in Britain, the government is happy to  look good overseas but leave the British people in a third world country. Lets  get Britain right first then spend overseas, at least the Chinese, Nigerians and  Indians can go to the moon on our money, while we live in floods. Come June it  will be hose pipe bans because the government cares more about looking after  overseas countries then ours. Cameron and May will just let in more criminals  from around the world

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