This Government has failed miserably to correct the mess left by Labour’s disastrous immigration policy and the UK Border Agency is a joke and waste of space.

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Fotor0120130223A secret government report has revealed that  thousands of migrants from the European  Union have tried to claim British state handouts through bogus  marriages and fraudulent welfare claims.

Immigrants have also used false documents and  lied about being related to EU citizens in order to cheat their way to UK  taxpayers’ money, the unpublished Home Office report states.



Don’t believe it, must be a made up story, because Mr Cameron told us at the  end of last year this wasn’t going to happen. And he doesn’t tell lies, does  he !

No need for it to be a secret we’ve been pointing this out for years only to be  shouted down as racists by the labour Party !
Strange how 50 odd million people have known for decades and this is such a  surprise to the government.

No surprise there then, we have come to expect this since we lost control of our  borders. We are paying for  governance in Brussels and the UN as well as here  and things just get continually worse.

The punishment for a “sham marriage” should be being made to live together,  forever, in which ever foreign country will take the couple back – not here  obviously.

Stop complaining all you LibLabCon voters because this is exactly what YOU voted  for! LibLabCon all want to remain in the EU-SSR forever and all love unlimited,  uncontrolled, open-door immigration from the EU-SSR and beyond. So, stop  moaning, just keep quiet and “celebrate the vibrant diversity and enrichment”  that LibLabCon and the EU-SSR have graciously bestowed upon you. Otherwise, put  a stop to this nonsense and VOTE Nationalist!



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