More mainstream newspaper rubbish.

Fotor0120130223People from ethnic minorities are more likely to feel British if they live in mixed communities rather than being surrounded by neighbours of their own background.

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More Leftist rubbish, London has suffered massive white flight the city has no white working class children and has been given to immigrants on benefits.


The extreme left have always fought for open door immigration as they rightly recognise that it will lead to societal collapse – which is exactly what they want. They would do well to remember what happened to the left in Iran once their Islamist allies came to power.

A  neighbourhood, which used to be very pleasant but now is starting to be infiltrated by immigrants, the sort who have no intention of integrating and are only here as long as they can benefit from systems they haven’t paid for. Living in a “mixed” area doesn’t make them feel ” more British” because they aren’t British and have not the slightest interest in being so;  even if they did might become legally British but would certainly never become English or be other than aliens here. They don’t speak our language, don’t live, eat, worship, dress like us. They live in filth and squalor crammed into a place that’s too small for them and have wrecked what was once an very nice home and garden.

Seeing them occasionally doesn’t make me feel anything but rage that this country has been sold down the river by politicians who’ve encouraged the worst elements of the third world to turn up here and pollute the place.



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