The electorate needs to put the LibLabCon out of their misery…There is no possibility of a referendum on renegotiated terms in 2017

Fotor0120130223The electorate needs to put the LibLabCon out of their misery.I fear the media is either out-and-out Left wing such as Lib/Lab/BBC/Guardian or unable to make any correct judgements on Europe




People seem to think the 2017 Referendum will happen even if Cameron wins.
Tories never wanted it in the first place and Hollande effectively says Cameron is lying to us because renegotiation and a referendum by 2017 is impossible.
As regards the EU we have the Liblabcon cartel and the MSM who want to stay in and Nationalists and various members of the cartel who want out.
Given that our option is so fundamental for the future of Britain, a regional clone of an EU superstate or a sovereign nation, people who oppose the EU need to side with Nationalists.
Cameron is lying to us, people who talk of renegotiation and a referendum as an option are lying to us the option is full membership or exit.

There is no possibility of a referendum on renegotiated terms in 2017 even if Cameron were to win the next election, and I believe that it is disingenuous for anyone to claim that this is possible. Hollande is the latest to indicate the problems to Cameron, but far better is to read R North on the eureferendum blog this morning, about the timescale of the new EU treaty – just some common sense based on expert knowledge. Sad that so many of our own politicians and journalists seem to lack this.

It is fairly obvious and has been for years that the present party system is dysfunctional most of the people in political parties don’t believe or in anyway support most of the things they keep telling us they do.

The conservative party is dead, Cameron and co are just shysters using the name and logo, just the same as the actual labour party died years ago and also has fraudsters using it’s branding.
We need a change and that change is coming.