We are living through an era in which the plate tectonics of traditional politics are being smashed to pieces


How the Machiavellian workings of certain politicians are stopping debate on Britain’s future in Europe

“The Bill is sunk,” said a peer emerging from the House of Lords late on Friday afternoon.

For months, Tory MPs – backed by the Prime Minister – have been attempting to push through a Bill providing for an in-out vote on the EU by 2017.

“Backed by the Prime Minister” !! What a joke………..Cameron knew/hoped this would never get through the Lords. Another cynical politician’s ploy to gain a bit of time.




The rise of Nationalism is the result of an awakening in the population about who now controls our traditional political parties and media, and the fact that they are wholly untrustworthy and act against the interests of the nation.
This awakening is happening for many reasons but the internet is surely a major catalyst.

The Tories have committed electoral suicide. The more you try and contain an explosion the bigger it is. These ******* are in for the shock of their lives. It never ceases to amaze me how detached these idiots are.

The Tory plan.

Strategy for re election 2015:
a) Divide one full time job into 4 part time jobs ( cheaper for employers ), include interns ( not paid ) plus people on unpaid training courses and zero hours contracts on the “in work” statistics. Result employment statistics look good.
b) never mention the actual UK sovereign debt figure ( rising daily )
c) Ignore true inflation measures and spin false inflation numbers as a positive
d) Repeat daily the word recovery, recovery, recovery……
e) Use taxpayers money to underwrite a false housing boom (Help to Buy)
f) Lie about the immigration statistics
g) remove benefits from disabled people at every opportunity
h) Increase the pension age
I) disband the Armed Forces ( by stealth…spin as a positive )
j) Repeat again the word recovery, recovery, recovery
k) keep your criminal banker mates from actually facing justice..
l) kick the EU referendum into the long grass ( quietly in the House of Lords )
and hope like buggery that no one rumbles the ruse before the 2015 election.

May will be the awakening for our political elite, the final realization that they can con us no longer in peril of their destruction and if they still don’t listen, woe betide them.

The politicians have never ever had any intention of allowing any vote on the EU. So ‘Farce’…yes, but also criminal. The pols have decided for the people. They have decided that they will have no vote on the EU: never. They do it for their own ends and be damned to the people who pay their wages, who subsidise their expenses and who bleed to give them subsidised food and drink while the austerity measures which have been forced on the public also force some of them to food banks. Shame on you Parliament.
How dare they infer that British workers are lazy as they cut wages so forcing the British to subsidise businesses from tax contributions: no wonder business complies and doesn’t want to leave the EU. Farce is not the first word that comes to mind: criminal in all aspects fits the bill rather better.
The people will not forget: they have long memories and time is running short.
So Parliament, shame on what you have done to ENGLAND, to BRITAIN.

We are living through an era in which the plate tectonics of traditional politics are being smashed to pieces.