Of course foreign criminal danger is increasing…..And just exactly who IS RUNNING BRITAIN?

The number of crimes committed by foreign  criminals is ‘sizeable and increasing’, a minister warned yesterday.(Mail)

Police Minister Damian Green made the warning  as he promised new action to clamp down on offenders from overseas.

He pointed to figures showing more than  74,000 foreign national offenders were arrested in London in a single  year.




So the government has now decided there is a problem in Britain from foreign  criminals. Well, well. The public have known this for years but successive  governments have failed the British people miserably by  not getting to grips  with the problem.

Of course foreign criminal danger is increasing. There is inadequate control on  who is let in from outside the EU and no control on who is let in from within  the EU. Over half a million immigrants were let in in 2012 alone. How many of  those were criminals?

More than half the reported crimes seem to involve  foreigners. Cameron and the Coalition do nothing. So if you can’t deport foreign criminals because of Human Rights and EU.. don’t  let them in, in the first place. And just exactly who IS RUNNING BRITAIN?

If its  the EU.. get rid of the British Parliament (no I don’t want that either) if its  not the EU .. then Parliament do your job. even if they have been given the right to stay they should be deported if they  do a serous crime its just not good enough the truth is the countries they come  from are in a state because of attitude and culture and allowing them here is a  big mistake.

David Cameron has personally pledged to deport more foreign criminals from  Britain. >>> Three questions, Q 1: When you say more, Dave, do you mean  like 10 or 12 more? Q 2: Have you got, like, Brussels’s permission ? Q 3: Are the  criminals starting to affect you and your ilk,Dave?