We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the British political class and it is long overdue.


The main reason why Nationalist could do really well in the North is that people have finally cottoned on that Labour have betrayed them, that the New Left/Internationalist mantra is not only not about them, it has at it’s root a hatred for white working class people (like as though they are all one…lumpen group)



Nationalists will do well if they focus on the aspirations that most of the poorer towns populations have and have depended (forlornly)… for small business and entrepreneurs, for help in getting on (good schools, no politics of envy, etc), small government that does not dominate your life and compound your situation.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the British political class and it is long overdue.

If Nationalists genuinely offer policies geared to giving a hand up rather than the proverbial hand out then they could walk many Labour constituencies in 2015. Much of the state and regulation that stultifies business has a much worse impact if you are bottom of the heap. Leaving the EU would overnight sweep away lots of Local Authority intrusion.

Mass immigration is also an issue, but the attempts to paint Nationalists as anti immigrant will not wash in many of those northern towns. They understand only too well and directly the issues around that subject.

The important message that Nationalists must press is to remind everyone that Labour does not simply neglect then, but that they have actively betrayed them.

All the 3 old parties are now just middle class Oxbridge clubs. Labour’s not about helping the working class, it’s about Victim hood and identity politics. The working class is just another Oppressed group that needs lots of caring middle class socialists with degrees to look after them and see they get plenty of charity, I mean redistribution. Just don’t complain about the immigrants getting your jobs, eh, because that’s Racist. Take your benefits and shut up.

As for Labour

Labour are the great corrupting force in the UK. Votes for benefit is all they are about dishing out other peoples cash for power the only thing that matters.

A lot of people work in the private sector, or have run small businesses, workers who have been squeezed out by immigrant labour; used to be Lab voters, but now express support for a Nationalist party and contempt for New Labour.

They haven’t left Labour – it left them

As for the Lib Dems

The LibDems had 6,500 postal votes in the Eastleigh by-election last year.

The Electoral Commission refused to allow an inspection of them for suspicious handwriting.

Says it all about postal voting, and the LibDems come to that.

As for the Cons

I’m trying to work out how the Cons  are any different.

Outcome seems to be the same, anyhow:-

1. Deceive the voter;
2. Pillage wealth and opportunity; Generally ruin people’s lives and take zero responsibility;
3. Ultimately, “So what?!”: plug for post-ministerial gravy in the EU and/or selling your contact book to the folks running the likes of Davos.

(The best kind of slave is he who’s clueless as to his reality.)