Tony Blair’s legacy…..What we can’t control we must persecute.

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Fotor0120130223He left a vacuous and uneducated youth behind his government after 13yrs. He downgraded and destroyed the educational system, made everything bigger and lost all control of what was truly important in life, quality. More single parent families were created during his time, youth unemployment grew, child poverty grew. The badge that bigger is better was certainly proven to be wrong. He had no real idea what was good and sustaining, just follow the money, which he did.



Of all the politicians during my lifetime he did more damage than most, and all in the guise of progress. He told a good yarn. What has he achieved since he left politics? Grown his bank balance, having massively shrunk ours.

England, has borne the brutal, disgusting brunt of mass immigration and multiculturalism

. Also, I feel very, very strongly about asserting our English ethnicity.

And yes: we British have lived in these lands as one people for thousands and thousands of years. And we now have to watch as filth, including politicians in the highest positions of power, say we’re a nation of immigrants and so on.

You have forgotten his greatest achievement.

He placed the British economy in
the hand of the most catastrophic, monumentally hubristic (“no more boom and
bust”) spendthrift and epically incompetent chancellor in British history. He
delivered an eye watering structural deficit and a 7.3% contraction of the

Democracy is long dead. The Communist, anti-nation EU dictates all. We’ve lost all power, literally and completely. And our cities are dominated by foreign majorities

The question is how do we destroy what he did and how do we create conditions that it cannot happen again ?

The power of the Left, Fascist or otherwise, is based on its strangle hold in academic circles; the broadcast media,
particularly the BBC, and the public sector. If you radically reform those areas
you will begin to destroy the Left, and that is what you have to do. But you can
only do so by holding power and being bold enough to use that power



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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  1. Paul Reply

    January 19, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    You missed out the massive scam of the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) that has bankrupted many hospitals and started the process of privatising healthcare.

    He is also a war criminal.

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