The Hated Liberal Empire

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

The year is 2043,

Amir Choudry, the Prime Minister, celebrates the most diverse year ever as whites become 49% of the population. To kick off celebrations a ”White Privilege” tax is introduced.

My 39 year old daughter asks me

”But how did this happen? how could we let our country be taken away by these people?”

To Which my only possible reply is

”Because they had a word ”racist” that they used which scared everybody into silence, yes I know its pathetic”


Choudry exempts those natives who have embraced Islam from the special tax, he expresses huge satisfaction that only a remnant have failed to do so. He doesn’t mention that this was because girls and women thought conversion somewhat preferable to gang rape.

BTW – what’s the latest on the High Wycombe gang grooming trial?

Answer – we don’t know

Liberals in the media have yet again demonstrated their well known commitment to free speech and blanked it in the interests of “community cohesion”


The MSM are also blanking the recent machete attack in Lancashire. It’s telling that none of them, radio, printed press or TV have taken a breath from attacking the “racist EDL thugs” to point out that the EDL themselves were the target of a recently accidentally thwarted Islamist attack at the hands of men armed with knives, swords and a pipe bomb – you would have thought that the events in Woolwich would have led to thousands of column inches on the subject? But no – nada, nothing. Even after facing a Islamic terrorist attack – who have the EDL harmed? They have shown remarkable restraint.

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