It’s not right you being with a white woman.


The BBC have defended  EastEnders after viewers complained about a ‘racist’ comment made by returning  character Shabnam Masood.

On Tuesday night’s episode the character, who  was last seen in 2008, scalded her muslim father for dating ‘a white  woman’.

Speaking to her father about  his recent split from café-worker Carol Jackson, she said: ‘Carol can see the  obvious even if you can’t. It’s not right you being with a white  woman.’





‘EastEnders has a rich history of tackling  social issues. The show does not advocate racism or intolerance in any way; in  fact it seeks to challenge these negative views”

“EastEnders has a rich history of tackling social issues”  WHAT? It is not the  BBCs or Eastenders job to tackle social issues.  Their remit is to Entertain and  Inform.  This show should have been scrapped years ago, it is totally out of  touch and not representative of todays Eastenders or East Londoners.

The first time in its existence East Enders truly reflects what is actually  happening in the East End of London on a daily basis and it creates havok!

This country has got so stupidly PC that some people think it’s racist just to  discuss any aspect of ethnicity, culture or religion.

But if it had been “why are you going out with a Pakistani” it would have been  top story people being suspended massive apologetic statements and all sorts.

It is funny how ‘racism’ is rather selective – at least in the eyes of the left,  which obviously includes the BBC. I posted complaints to the BBC as point of  principle following two consecutive episodes of ‘New Tricks’ in the last series.  In one, a Frenchman was referred to as “a frog”. In the other, as German was  referred to as “a kraut”. The response was the usual platitudes & fob about  context blah blah blah



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