A group of patriotic British protesters start chanting “Terrorist scum, off our streets

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London –  A team of Britain First activists described as  ‘Kent Battalion A Company’ held a protest outside the taxpayer-funded home of  the notorious anti-British Islamist Abu Izzadeen.

Standing outside his home, Paul Golding Chairman of the  patriotic protest organisation ‘Britain First’ says, “Right, we’re here in  Brierley Road, Waltham Forrest. There is a team of activists here with me.  Behind me is the house of notorious extremist leader Abu Izzadeen. We’ve come  here for an early evening protest. It’s getting dark now, but we’re here to ruin  his evening and to put some pressure on him and hopefully he will come out and  speak to us and we’ll see what happens.”

The group of patriotic British  protesters then started chanting “Terrorist scum, off our streets” outside Abu  Izzadeen’s taxpayer funded council house.

Over the mega phone Paul Golding then  says, “Abu Izzadeen if you can hear us, come out and face us. Don’t be a  coward!”

He continues, “You are quick enough to  threaten the British people!”

And goes on to say, “Abu Izzadeen,  convicted of terrorism, served four years in Belmarsh prison, big hard man  jihadist, running your world wide jihad from a sweet shop down the Mile End Road, don’t be a coward. Come  out and face us. Right now. Abu Izzadeen, we’ve spoken to all your neighbours  down this road. We’ve delivered leaflets and letters to all your neighbours down  this road. They don’t want you down here!”

Britain First Chairman Paul Golding  then turns to a TV camera saying, “This is the problem with these big, bad  Muslim jihadists. They’re on every street corner preaching for Sharia law and  jihad and forty lashes for people who sell alcohol down Brick Lane and all sorts  of consequences if you don’t comply with Sharia law. As soon as you confront  them, they are just absolute cowards. This is why we are not afraid of these  people. These people at the top of all these Muslim extremists networks and they  are absolute cowards. Won’t even come out and face us now.”

Paul Golding explained how another  taxpayer funded anti-British Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary had described the  7/7 London bombers as “praiseworthy”.

Paul Golding had a message for all the  Muslim extremists in Britain, “Britain First is here and we are coming after you  and there is nothing that’s going to stop us!”

Paul Golding explains, “Operation Fightback is our campaign to put pressure on all  the top Islamist extremist leaders.”

The Britain First Chairman adds, “This  is just a part of it. This is just a typical, quintessential operation where a  group of activists have turned up who are sick to death of what’s happening in  this country. Sick to death of the authorities not taking action against scum  like Abu Izzadeen who lives just in this house over here. We’ve turned up here  now. We’ve knocked on his door, we’re screaming through the loud hailer. We’re  making his evening very uncomfortable and he’s too cowardly to come back out  here and face us!”

About the Muslim extremists Paul  Golding has this to say, “…We are not going to let them off the hook until they  either shut up or get out of our country!”

As reported in Digital Journal

Read more:  http://digitaljournal.com/news/world/britain-first-puts-pressure-on-anti-british-jihadist-abu-izzadeen/article/365472#ixzz2qAzdquQi

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