Increasing numbers of people are ceasing to agree with key tenets of what the ruling elites are saying.

By Imnokuffar-There is a very serious problem arising in politics in the UK and in most of the democracies of Europe and the Western world.

Increasing numbers of people are ceasing to agree with key tenets of what the ruling elites are saying.

For all sorts of reasons that I find unfathomable, they don’t believe them in increasing numbers. I must say I find this absolutely shocking. After all, we all benefit from their incredible wisdom, acumen and selfishness.

How can many not take our leader David Cameron and his truly remarkable band of brothers and sisters (if you will pardon the expression) at his word. I forget the name of the other one who is his sidekick.

Do not these ungrateful wretches appreciate the great suffering and mental anguish that these people put themselves through so that they can benefit society?

These are caring, lovely and gentle people who put class interests to one side in the interests of those they care about.

They have gone to great lengths to put the minds of the general population to rest……

They have promised to sort out the economy by making poor people pay for rich people and giving the banks loads of our money so they do not go broke and become a burden on the rest of us.

What is wrong with that!

After all, where are all these poor people going to put their money if we have no banks?

We are also an incredibly generous people, we give away £12 billion a year to all sorts of foreign governments and other people and where are they going to put all this money?

In our banks!

I must say sometimes peoples financial illiteracy boggles the mind!

They have successfully tackled the problem of immigration or will soon – so do not be so bloody impetuous and expect this problem to go away. After all, they have decided to rationalise the Border Agency for greater efficiency and by having less of these people we can expect to soon see the results in terms of something or other. So please stop banging on about this.

They have successfully tackled terrorism that is now just a minor problem and one that will not return to haunt us – well not for the foreseeable future. Anyway, it will not affect me or mine as we live in gated community.

This is something I recommend for all the people who feel threatened by this minor problem. This problem is just a fly in the ointment and those that try destroying community cohesion use it as an excuse to vilify these gentle and courteous people. And the vibrant and cohesive communities that make up the ever changing and flooded landscapes of our nation.

They promote multiculturalism, I think, though Mr Cameron said he does not and has cleverly re-branded it as “diversity”. I must say I like diversity

I like curry and chips or chips and curry or those number 69’s you can get from Chinese takeaways. So there, you can see the real benefits of this particular credo.

Just to prove my point, I have several very nice houses in foreign climes and employ many foreign servants – sorry, assistants. So there you can see my credentials regarding diversity.

Another thing springs to mind; why did all these people in parliament stop us from going to war with Syria?

I happen to have shares in some leading defence contractors and have lost loads of cash because of these short-sighted people.

In particular, I dislike that Griffin person, who put a right spoke in the works by his outright pacifism on this subject.

Anyway, I have now said my piece and hope that those of you who are of two minds on all the various subjects I have explained here become converted to my way of explanation very soon.

You know it makes sense.

As reported on the BNP website