No wonder this country is going down the pan. What about just “equality” for all?

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SCOTLAND Yard has a “diversity crisis” and should be forced to consider appointing a black or Muslim officer as its next commissioner, an influential MP urged last night.

As reported in the Expressbroken_britain1

I believe that Mr Vaz’s comment is not only anti white and racist but inflammatory and calculated to stir up the already simmering racial tensions in London even further, and although I read what Janet Hills the chairwoman of the Black Police Association had to say, I am somewhat disappointed that she used the phrase “institutional racism” thereby inferring that every white member of the Metropolitan Police is most likely a racist. I eagerly await some kind of response from the chairperson of the White Police Officers Association on this issue before I formulate my conclusions.

The Met Chief  should be the RIGHT person for the job on merit alone. Never mind Vaz insisting on preferential black Muslim or has he ever imagined the right person might actually be a Christian or would they not be considered

But isn’t it odd that when the White Englishman was in the majority in our major cities positive discrimination, diversity and equality were introduced to ensure that the ethnic minority were given preferential treatment in the jobs market etc and yet now that ethnic minority is the majority these very people demand that their creed alone should dominate in public office simply because they are the majority.

You cant have “Metropolitan White Police Association”, because that would deem racist or discrimination against black police officers.  Yet you can have “Metropolitan Black Police Association” .

We also cant have discrimination, yet we can have  “positive ” discrimination, when its good for the government.

No wonder this country is going down the pan.  What about just “equality” for all?


Britain has taken a weird turn to the surreal and it will all end in tears.



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