Christmas Joys

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   By Kevin Layzell – YBNP – The joys of Christmas are over, but for many they never began; this year has seen Britain battered by widespread storms that have flooded around 130,000 houses and have left over 150,000 without power.
This year has seen a sharp increase in energy costs shortly followed by a drastic decline in customer service. The South East of England has been particularly badly hit by the weather which has resulting in the downing of many power lines; these lines are now privatised and owned by UK Power Network who failed to act within a reasonable time to see that power was returned for the Christmas season.
In a desperate attempt to explain away the issue of why their service is so dreadful and rife with short comings, the companies boss responded by stating that “too many of our staff were away.” This was a poor response from a man who took home a cheque to the sum of £1.7million last year.
Why were so many staff away, and why were there no contingency plans in place? Was it because the Asian business owners took out a £135million dividend – a significant increase in profit due to ever increasing prices? The customers have seen little or no benefit for their continued loyalty – another prime example of how foreign business owners have little to no interest in anything other than profit.
Ivy Holdco Limited, an international company and owners of Gatwick airport are also having their professionalism questioned due to their ‘contingency plans’ that were simply incapable of handling the problems seen over the festive period.
Despite ever increasing profits it seems that all too often these profits are not invested back into the business to increase customer satisfaction. This was very evident over the Christmas period at the airports when thousands of people were left stranded as over 100 flights was delayed or cancelled.
As a direct result of the increasing privatisation of British businesses, these run-for-profit companies have lowered the wages of workers, forced them on average to work longer hours and reduced customer satisfaction and service.
And the message of this story? If a company sells you out for profit expect to be brushed aside by the companies to make way for more money. We at the British National Party believe that foreign corporations have no place in Britain. Businesses should work for the customers’ needs not for the financial needs of the owners.

As reported on the BNP website