What on earth do you expect from an upper house now stuffed full of failed politicians.

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No one wants to be seen killing off the Bill to give the British people a vote on whether to stay in the European Union – or to leave

Today in the House of Lords, peers will be debating the EU Referendum Bill.

If Their Unelected Lordships scupper the Bill which is supposed to guarantee a Referendum in 2017, all they will do is ensure that even MORE people turn to Nationalism in disgust at an Elite who demonstrate NO regard for Democracy and NO regard for British Sovereignty.

“We politicians have made a mess of it…”

No you politicians have lied, lied and lied to us again and again about the ‘Common Market’, when really it was a smokescreen for the European Soviet Socialist Republic.


It was all a bluff and now you and the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation have been found out, and you will pay.


This sham bill is just another stage in the delaying tactics to keep us locked into the failed and moribund European Union..

If we had referendums on everything important that effected our lives this country would be the same as Switzerland, rich, low c


rime, low unemployment, no wars in which our young men a killed to please warmongers like Blair and Hague, no mass immigration, no EU, I could go on but you know what i mean. We are govened by liars cheats and frauds,the elite please themselves and being rich and well connected is what its all about. Why do we stand for it? things are beyond bad, we have food banks and yet we give away fifteen billion in overseas aid, massive poverty with no hope for young people and one point four trillion in the hole and getting worse by the second, its past talking about it we need action and we need it now,these traitor MPs dont give a toss about us white British. Tell me just one thing that this coalition has done for white British people since the came to power? you cant because they have done nothing for us, all we get are lies,lies and more lies.

“The debate today is not about whether we should stay in the EU or leave it, but who should make that decision – the political elite or you. It couldn’t be simpler.”

I assure you it will be the people that make that decision.