Compulsory PC is a bigger bar to a free press than a lunatic despot with a firing squad

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If we had a Free Press, we wouldn’t be reading Propaganda all day, and there would be some real investigative journalism, of what is actually happening in the World, rather than what ruling elites want us to believe.

Compulsory PC (as enforced by the NUJ and the political “elite”) is a bigger bar to a free press than a lunatic despot with a firing squad. There is no free press in the UK.

The issue brings to mind Voltaire’s classic dictum –Politically-Correct
‘I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’

A free press is at the heart of that proposition.
During seven decades we have encountered too many socialists who wish to control the press. Some talk with enthusiasm about what the Royal Charter will permit them to do.
It is sinister that the identity of the money behind ‘Hacked Off’ is shrouded in secrecy.
It is deplorable that Cameron allegedly did not bother to attend the meeting on March 17, 2013. He has contrived to wobble in every direction in this matter

To say that we have a free press is debatable when the mass media represent merely carefully selected segments of public opinion. Whoever reads The Guardian, the Mirror or the Daily Mail or even the Evening Standard and the Independent is left in no doubt about the kind of interests the said publications represent by systematically excluding other points of view. The same happens if we look at broadcasting media both in radio and television. Looked at from this angle, the said free press is only free for those who happen to agree with their editorial guidelines.