Chairman Boris wants water cannon now;

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With criminals and street thugs arming themselves with automatic weapons, revolvers, knives – this should be a given. And why stboris-620_1565499aop there – give them proper weapons to deal with the Neanderthals on our streets. If you oppose this then you are accepting that the criminal element own the streets and the police are powerless.

People like Jenny Jones always make me laugh. “Our great tradition of an unarmed police force” was appropriate when we had a great tradition of an unarmed and peaceful population. I doubt she would try and maintain public order on London streets herself so perhaps she should take advice from those who actually have to. Another armchair expert who knows nothing but expounds on everything. She doesn’t want police to have guns, but she doesn’t want them to have non-lethal weapons either. Perhaps she prefers anarchy?

The truth is that Chairman Boris and the rest of the minority elected dictatorship running our country know what is coming as a result of the mess they have made of our country.