Do not try and rewrite your history BBC , we all remember it too well, your game is up

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The BBC’s political editor admits the corporation didn’t have a proper debate on immigration in the late 1990s and early 2000s

In the Mail on Sunday (5/1/14), the BBC’s political commentator Nick Robinson finally concedes “The public deserves the truth on immigration… from Britain’s politicians – and, yes, my own BBC”.

“Robinson said BBC figures in charge during the late 1990s and early 2000s
believed a ‘warts and all debate’ over immigration ‘would unleash some terrible side of the British public’” He told the ST “they feared having a conversation about immigration, they feared the consequence.”labour-BBC

Who do these “BBC figures” think they are? The keepers of the nation’s conscience, its moral compass and arbiter of all social and political right and wrong ?

They have no electoral mandate to decide anything on behalf of the people who pay their huge salaries. They are required by their charter to “inform educate and entertain” and they have no remit whatsoever to decide which views on political and social issues, as long as they remain within the bounds of the law, should be aired or

“It comes months after an official review found the BBC did not accurately
reflect the public’s growing concern about immigration because of a “deep
liberal bias”.

The BBC does not have a liberal bias, it has a Marxist bias.

They do not regret it at all, it was the instructions given to them from their bosses in labour, have people really forgot Browns “bigot” comments at the last election?
As recently as 2010 we were not allowed to question immigration without being called and criticised for it.

I would say too little too late from the BBC but I think they will still make a fatal mistake. Outside of reality TV the BBC still think they can hoodwink the public with
a cynically left of centre spin on the news and current affairs. At some point, even our politicians will have to agreeBBC-bias-alert-300x198 that something needs to change within the BBC.

Belatedly the BBC come to the debate after years of subtly inferring you were racist if you wanted to discuss immigration. They have missed the fact that the public, facing reality when you step out of your front door, know full well what the effect that uncontrolled immigration has had.

There will be some who will crawl back under the blankets whilst covering their ears. The vast majority will know that when the BBC describes “international thieves” committing huge amounts of cashpoint crimes they are in fact East European in origin. They will also know that the gangs grooming vulnerable young girls in care is almost exclusively made up by Asian youths. We also know that the money earned by the vast sea of immigrants flooding into England will flow straight back to their countries of origin.

Yes we would be able to go to Romania and work but who the hell would want to. It’s not a fair deal and no amount of spinning from the BBC will convince us otherwise.