Ed Miliband will block cheap foreign staff loophole. Its still Panto Season, Oh no he won’t!!

What a vote chasing clown.

As a former failed Minister in a totally dysfunctional Labour Government which allowed deliberate uncontrolled immigration, your credibility is zero

Miliband your  party created this problem with your mass immigration program. Remember in just 13 years you floodeNoLabourLarged the UK with mostly ill educated and semi illiterate immigrants to swell your future voting base. Now you hopefully realise you and your hideous party screwed up you decide to try and gain more votes by changing the rules.

He knew full well the many implications of mass immigration when New Labour effectively took the doors off and to now hear Labour bleat about it would almost defy belief were we not already used to such hypocrisy.

He wouldn’t have to pledge anything, if his party had not opened the door to everyone in the first place…and not just EU citizens

Why do Labour fans screech morality when their party is up to its neck in pandering to lax City regulation, PFI fraud, Bank subsidy, creating a surveillance state etc etc

Anybody voting for you or the Labour party need to be certified!