751,230 young Britons feel they have nothing to live for

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 Applying for 10 jobs a week, Chris Newell got no response. 

He turned to drink and drugs and at the age of 20 and, eventually, tried to take his own life. On 2 January 2014, the BBC quoted him thus:

“I just got into a cycle of staying in bed because I had nothing to wake up for… I became depressed and anxious… I didn’t have a routine and structure… I think that’s important in a lot of people’s lives, to have something to wake up for in the morning, to have something to live for.

I just felt horrible about myself. I was suicidal at times… I felt worthless and it just went on and on… I took a load of tablets and thankfully I’m still here. But at the time I didn’t think that, ’cause I were at an all time low, I were at rock bottom for a long time. And being out of work… contributed to that.”

Martina Milburn, chief executive of the Prince’s Trust, said:

“Unemployment is proven to cause devastating, long-lasting mental health problems among young people. Thousands wake up every day believing that life isn’t worth living, after struggling for years in the dole queue.

More than 440,000 young people are facing long-term unemployment, and it is these young people that urgently need our help.

If we fail to act, there is a real danger that these young people will become hopeless, as well as jobless.”

The BBC added:

“As many as three quarters of a million young people in the UK may feel that they have nothing to live for, a study for the Prince’s Trust charity claims. The trust says almost a third of long-term unemployed young people have contemplated taking their own lives…

The report found 9% of all respondents agreed with the statement: ‘I have nothing to live for’ and said if 9% of all youngsters felt the same, it would equate to some 751,230 young people feeling they had nothing to live for. Among those respondents classified as Neet, the percentage of those agreeing with the statement rose to 21%.

The research found that long-term unemployed young people were more than twice as likely as their peers to have been prescribed anti-depressants. One in three (32%) had contemplated suicide, while one in four (24%) had self-harmed.

The report found 40% of jobless young people had faced symptoms of mental illness, including suicidal thoughts, feelings of self-loathing and panic attacks, as a direct result of unemployment.”

Here are a couple of recent quotations from elite Labour Party insiders:

“The deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000 until at least February last year… was to open up the uk to mass migration… Mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the UK truly multicultural… The policy was intended… to rub the right’s nose in diversity…

There was a reluctance… in government to discuss what increased immigration would mean, above all for Labour’s core white working-class vote. This shone through even in the published report, the ‘social outcomes’ it talks about are solely those for immigrants…

The results were dramatic… The government… created its longed-for immigration boom.” (Andrew Neather, former advisor to Blair, Straw and Blunkett, Evening Standard, 23 October 2009)

“Of the three million jobs created in the last decade, nine out of ten have gone to people who are not British.” (Frank Field, MP, former Social Security Secretary, Daily Express, 1 February 2009)

Thatcher destroyed our industry and the jobs and communities that depended upon them, Blair and Brown carried on the good work, shipping in the alien hordes as they did so. Once here, it was arranged that what jobs were left went to them.

A wise man once said:

“Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Rearrange the above for 21st century Britain and we get:

“Those whom the Global Elite (and their bought-and-paid-for parliamentary factotums) would destroy, they first make depressed and suicidal.”

And you still vote for these? 

You’re killing your own children.

P.S. Frank Field also admitted to this in the 1 October 2009 edition of The Telegraph:

“In my constituency… there are now more violent crimes against the person than there were in the whole country 50 years ago.”

That, along with ‘751,230 young people feeling they had nothing to live for,’ is what half a century of immigrant-first, indigenous-last parliamentary and media treachery has given us.

Guest post from The Traitor Within