A bit late with only two days to go when the electorate having been shouting it for months.

Do I sense a bit of panic in the ranks?  This situation didn’t come about  overnight, the best line is to massage the figures blame each other and lie, on  the other hand they have already done that !!!!  That just leaves the tried and  tested method of keeping your fingimmigrant-queueers crossed and hoping it’s not going to be as  bad as expected.

The senior politicians just don’t give a damn about this country – they are all  divorced from reality. Once upon a time the Conservative slogan was “Action not  Words ”  now its “Words not Action”! .

The government has known for years that the rules for Romanians and Bulgarians  would change in January. Yet everybody seems to be trying to deal with the issue  only now, with a week to go. If it is so important, why have they wasted three  years doing nothing?