Why has a nation conspired against its own people to allow their native young to become less educated and wealthy than the previous generation?

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Dr Tim Leunig, an economic historian and aide to the schools minister David Laws, said that for boys at least “being white” had become “the problem” in schools.

Everyone  has been conditioned  over the years, not to dare mention the fact that others have been favoured in order to appear included, whilst anyone who dare to broach the unfairness would be deemed racist.

These young boys know that there is something unfair, but have no choice but to accept their lot in life.

Basic post-Marxist ideology, and its consequences. Males, and whites, are considered “hegemonic” classes and thus cannot suffer discrimination. Ergo, if they have problems, those problems must be their own fault. In practise, to be white and male is to be considered utterly the author of your own misfortunes- whatever they may be. Hence, if a black girl fails, it is the fault of society. If a white boy fails, it is his own fault.

Britain's education system is feeling the force of mass immigration

Britain’s education system is feeling the force of mass immigration

Four decades of po-ma has led to a State radically skewed against hegemonic classes, which means skewed against members of both the “white” and the “male” classes. This is not just a matter of policy. White boys live in an environment where they are constantly derided as racists and rapists in the making, by an education system heavily dominated by people soaked in po-ma ideology, and Feminism in particular. Everything possible is done to skew things against boys, and against whites, in favour of girls and ethnic minorities. The result is what we now see; the genuinely “oppressed” class is suffering.

White boys, as they get older, learn the horrible truth; that they will spend their lives considered as a kind of enemy of the State. Is it any wonder that they disconnect and give up?

Institutional racism exists against whites, it’s just that people are too afraid to state it.