It is not racist to voice concerns on EU immigration

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Playing the race card is the resort of political scoundrels who know deep down that their own arguments aren’t remotely persuasive and so turn to name-calling.

The Regime in power at present only think they are a superior competent Government .The way they have addressed National Issues shows a total lack of basic common sense fairness and long term solutions to certain problems that will not go away .

The influx of Immigrants in 2014 is going to be overwhelming ,who wouldn’t want a better life for themselves over here whilst ensuring the UK provided for their families back home .The EU is expanding its grasp and authority on Europe and Cameron promises a referendum in 2015 if in Power .BSbroken_britain1

The amount of Jobseeker Benefit Sanctions that take place on a weekly basis will ensure the same budget will provide for some immigrants but not for all .Robbing Peter to pay Paul solved nothing .

This Regime is hell bent on forcing through their agenda knowing full well it will not be repealed when they end up where they belong in the Political Wilderness for years to come.

The Libdems have shown their True Colours power at any Price without their support  Shamcams minority would have borne out the true feeling of the British Public ,we don’t want lying deceitful manipulation from a Totalitarian Regime that started its decimation of our Country under Thatcher .

The racists are those that say we need to have mass immigration into England which is destroying our English identity and culture.

London is no longer English, and the papers only seem to print about white racial incidents while ignoring the black racial incidents.

What about the media ignoring Positive discrimination as if discriminating against whites is OK.

The thousands of black only organisations etc

Either all are treated equally or we live in racist society.

If you are white and English then you are a third class citizen in your own country.

Just because the media ignore this doesn’t mean it isn’t true