Sovereignty belongs to the people, not those in charge.

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Lord Judge, the former Lord Chief Justice, warns that the European Court of Human Rights is becoming ‘unanswerable’ and must ‘stop here’– where have you been for the last 20 years, clearly not in touch with the people who worked that out years ago.british1

Between the ECHR and the EU, the UK exists in name only as our dear leaders have chosen to give away just about all decision making. Our parliament is now just a shame, call it the house of rubber stamp, for that is all it does.

The ECHR was designed to prevent the atrocities that occurred in WW2, but mission creep has created an all powerful court that protects criminals that happen to have a cat and claim ‘their right to a family’, or in the latest case, a woman that attacked her child, spent time in prison and used that very same child to play the ‘right to a family life’; this is crazy and must stop.

The populous needs to regain control, kick out that lot in parliament and put in place a new regime that put UK first and that can only come by withdrawing from the ECHR and the EU.

This country needs action NOW so WE can determine our future, not some shame promise of a referendum in 2017 that Cameron wants us to say yes, lets stay in the EU after he has brought back a token power reversal.ECHR

You only need to look at the number of cases where foreign criminals have claimed ‘a right to a family life’ to avoid deportation (Abu Qatada being a classic case) to realise the ECHR is utterly flawed and operating on a level far above what it was designed to do.

Just remember who signed us up to this PC, lawyers wet dream. Mr Blair – who just happens to be married to a (now very wealthy) human rights lawyer.

The original European Human Rights act was designed for a Europe where democracy had gone extinct, and taken basic human rights with it. It was never designed for a country with an unbroken democratic tradition stretching back centuries and a system of citizens rights under the law that was arguably, the best in the world.

Human rights matter. That’s why we should abandon the EU circus that has trivialised the issue and and made the most important political matter of all, a farce

We speak easily of “the former Yugoslavia” and “the former USSR”, it won’t be long before “the former UK” joins the band of ex-nations.