Was Enoch Powell right?

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Many people like to comment and give Enoch Powell total disregard.
Unfortunately for them, if they were to read the speech every sentence they would now realise that what he said then, is nenoch2_xlargeow coming true.


Everything is under stress, our NHS, Schools, Public Services, State Pensions etc. etc.
Anybody not wishing to believe this should do a little FACT finding.
To your dismay I think you will be shocked but for those who don’t have the time, read on.

500,000 council homes given away to immigrants of all nationalities, since 2007..
How much will it cost the tax payer to replace these.

Cameron’s so called restrictions are already available for use. See Homelessness housing and benefits rights to EU and EEA citizens on the website SHELTER England.

An official Government audit warns. and William Hague knew this when the report was released back in July 2013.
Complying with EU regulations is costing Britain billions of pounds a year.
Complying with EU Agency workers directives costs Britain as much as £1.5 billion a year.
Add to that what we contribute to the EU and all the bail outs we have to contribute to.
Still got the view migrants from the EU are positive financially for Britain.

In FEB 2011 (note date) there were 371,000 foreign nationals who had National Insurance numbers claiming benefits. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to how many there are now?
121,000 claiming JSA (so where are all these jobs they do).
130,000 claiming incapacity benefit. ( there not helping the UK).
54,000 claiming lone parent benefit.
33,000 claiming carer allowance.
14,000 claiming disabled.
10,000 claiming other income related benefits.
6,500 claiming bereavement benefits.
Then you can add Housing, Tax Credits, Child Allowance, State Pension, Free National Health and Dentists, Schools and then add dependant relatives who are here who can also claim pensions etc.
These are statistics as reported by the DWP.
NI number totals are one of the reason why there is a miss representation when leftist media, reports compare national citizens to foreign citizens claiming benefits

Theresa May was told by Brussels it is our own fault that we get so many immigrants because we are to generous with welfare payments.
What Mr Bruno Waterfield is really saying is. If you pay your own country folk good welfare then you also have to pay the same to immigrants who have contributed nothing to our way of life or society.
Once again the EU telling us what we can pay our people.
No wonder IDS of the DWP is quickly trying to transform the welfare state.

Finally and probably the most dramatic piece of evidence for any leftist or liberal minded individual to see is on google or you tube.
Its a four minute video of a girl in her twenties who goes back to LUTON after some time away. She is shocked at the changes that have come about to her town.
Watch, look and listen to what these people think about your views and the thanks you receive for having them.
2,000,000 have already done so.
Enoch’s predictions are not all that far out.

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