Circulation of mainstream newspapers declined again in November

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By Giuseppe De Santis=Nationalists will be delighted to know that anti-BNP newspapers are still losing readers.

From the figures below, it is possible to see how the circulation of the Daily Mirror is now very close to drop below the one million copies threshold, a sign that this antifascist rag is losing his credibility among leftwing readers.

Instead, there something interesting about the circulation of The Guardian whose average circulation is 193,863, a figure that reflects the average copies sold from Monday to Saturday.

The interesting fact is that on Saturday The Guardian sells 363,667 copies so this means that from Monday to Friday it sells a paltry 24,059 copies.

Of course, this situation is unsustainable and it will interesting to see how long The Guardian will wait before sacking more people and/or becoming a weekly paper given that it is very unlikely that advertisers will spend money on a paper that sells mostly on Saturday.

Hopefully one of those anti-British rags will close down sooner rather than later.

National newspaper circulation figures (November 2013) Source ABCs

As reported in the BNP website

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