Is it a better world?

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I remain somewhat neutral about my own prospects but fear for the country that my children will inherit – so different now from the place where I grew up.

Work prospects are much more scarce, freedom of speech is in severe decline, political corruption grows daily, immigration out of control and a creeping, sinister islamification of our nation, which is the darkest cloud on this country’s horizon.Betrayal

Freedom of speech in England is not at an historic high point. That point belongs back in the period circa 1960-1990. There are all sorts of things which one could say then but will see you in court if repeated now.

My friend of 70 agrees. She said that in her day people could speak their mind without fear of being sued, ostracised or imprisoned. People were nicer to each other out of conscience not because of threats.

With the EU currently is considering the imposition of a raft of new ‘hate crimes’ (what crime isn’t a hate crime?) for certain group of society based on behavioural patterns.


This is the totalitarian EU at its best – marginalising the good and promoting the minority as normal and ‘protected’. Existing laws are sufficient so these laws intend to give a particular group of society into a privileged protected status that the disabled and now Roma have. All of this from an institution that cannot even produce a budget.

Of course if you agree you are fine – if not watch out – you will conform under threat of fines or imprisonment. Welcome to the new, better, EUtopian world.

” Our debts are unsustainable! Immigration will overwhelm us! The world is fighting! We’re overdue common sense! We’re overdue for an epidemic! We’re overdue for an asteroid-strike!”

We’re certainly overdue for a decent Government.