Why no new Christmas music in decades?

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Why no new Christmas music in decades? Maybe because no one is allowed to mention the word lest another’s feeling be hurt?

 Maybe it’s to do with the fragmenting of popular culture

Not just culture,  but of society itself. Who identifies with this country and its traditions anymore? I’m buggered if I do. It is all just a con to get us to identify with a mercenary state (as our pseudo nation) for whom we are nothing more than “human resources”.

It also has a lot to do with the commercialisation of Christmas, along with everything else.merry-christmas-wallpaper1

We have gained the world – in more ways than one! – and lost our national soul, had its natural ethnic foundation ripped out of us and condemned as “racist”.

And the real tragedy is that most of our generation, , did not  even notice . . . You love the Big Brother state and embrace it, its lies and pernicious ideology.

It has been the determined effort of liberals, humanists, atheists and the like for a long time now to erase our God consciousness from our lives. Christmas, being the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, must certainly be erased along with anything pertaining to the event and the season. Thus, Christmas carols, Christmas music, Christmas greetings and all things holy must be eradicated from the conscious mind.

English culture is being wiped out by the left led by the BBC.

They are trying, but they won’t succeed.

I hope you had a happy Christmas and have a prosperous new year.