The biggest disaster is that Cameron,Osborne,Clegg and Milliband are still in positions of power.

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“the prophets of doom have been confounded”


Fraser Nelson reporting in the Daily Telegraph



From a statist, globalist and capitalist perspective, you may be right. But from the perspective of a Native Briton, we are still an ethnic minority in what used to be our capital city (it is now the capital city of a globalised society), and on course to become one in the country as a whole before our children reach retirement age.

For the indigenous rights of Native Whites, things are not looking good at all.


Underlying this year ( and a few years before) is the immeasurable damage.. the sort of thing that creeps away- and then, quite swiftly, you realise a great big chunk of your societal expectations has disappeared.

Here’s a few “disasters” that certainly exist:
1) The British youth have moved even further away from national Politics and parties. The contempt has fully moved into full apathy – what will this mean?
2) Many people have considered Britain to be not “their country” but something you have to live through ( hopefully making cash) before dumping it
3) The British Establishment are, nearly, completely irrelevant – monitor what they might mean in 1 or 2 generations
The British Establishment have let slip , that they hate their own people
4) London is an experiment. The outer counties are stagnant survival areas. Many parts of the North, Wales, Upper Midlands are failed states – zombie counties.
5) The long decline is becoming very obvious.

I think voters live in a parallel universe when they look at a ballot paper, they get sucked in by a political drug fed to them by politicians who paint an unrealistic picture of the future while spending our money. Tony Bliar classic example…. We are in debt as a nation, discipline in schools is horrendous, politicians cheating the system, corporations avoiding tax the list is long and the tossers in Westminster do nothing.

The minute you talk about this you are branded a Looney , racist etc.

The biggest disaster is the Cameron,Osborne,Clegg and Milliband are still in positions of power. The more they do not do the worse it gets. The phoney war will not last and when it breaks the public will see just how much the government have lost control and how screwed we are.