A vote for Cameron is a vote for Clegg… Cameron would do us all a favour if he joined the Liberal Party where he belongs.

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Cameron WANTED an alliance with the LibDems in order to keep the Right of the Conservative Party under control.

He wrote this in 2009, long before the GE campaign even started.

There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that he deliberately threw the chance of winning a majority and actively worked for a Coalition.none-of-the-above

Of course he wants another one. Apart from the fact that it is impossible for him to win a majority, the circumstances haven’t changed. Cameron is a LibCON who is determined to keep the UK in the EU. The Conservative Party is increasingly anti-EU and wants to push him far further than he is prepared to go in working towards an exit. He needs the LibDems in order to prevent it.

If you vote Conservative, you’re voting for Clegg; another Coalition and the EU.
You’re voting to allow unlimited numbers of immigrants into the UK; the subjugation of the British people into a European Union they don’t want to be in and never wanted in the first place. You are voting – ultimately – to join the Euro. Because when we are the only country in the EU which is NOT in the Euro, our political Quislings will announce that we have no choice but to join.

If you don’t want that. If you want your children and grandchildren to inherit the UK as a Sovereign, self-governing Democracy, do not vote, LibLabCon

Cameron is a traitor in the Heath mould.