Thought police out in force today. Saul Alinsky rules, alive and kicking.

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A top PR exec has sparked outrage (In the Liberal left wing press) after she reportedly sent a racist tweet shortly before boarding a plane to Africa

The tweet, sent from the account of Justine Sacco, read: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Sall Alinsky rule 13    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”Saul_Alinsky_27

Freedom of speech is not pick & mix commodity. You either have it or you don’t. I suspect many who say they like it actually mean they like it for themselves but not for those with whom they disagree

Pathetic over reaction by the I’m outraged brigades.

Whether we agree or disagree on issues is besides the point – having the thought police home in on  crass statements is an extreme danger to all of us! Imagine – ‘Thought Crime’ we are on the ‘Edge!

Ms Sacco would appear to have the benefit of science, and facts, on her side.  From the African Journal of Aids Research, 2011, 10(1), 51-62 – Chris Kenyon and Sizwe Zondo:

“The differences in HIV prevalence between South Africa’s racial/ethnic groups (19.9%, 3.2%, and 0.5% among 15–49-year-old blacks, coloureds and whites, respectively) are as big as those between the countries with the highest and lowest levels of HIV prevalence worldwide. These large racial/ethnic differences are largely determined by different sexual network structures. In networks among black South Africans, sexual partnerships are more likely to be arranged concurrently — a configuration that leads to exponential increases in the spread of HIV. An examination of the historical origins of polygamy (where it is normative for partnerships to be arranged concurrently) and monogamy (serial or lifetime) reveals that it is the practice of universal monogamy in stratified societies which is the outlier. ”

99.5% of South African whites do not have HIV while one in five 15-49 year old blacks do.  A cultural predisposition to polygamy is the main difference.