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If Austerity measures were genuinely needed as sold to us by this Regime they would have broken a habit of a lifetime and been open with us instead of stumbling over excuses of why it necessary to make the poor even poorer .Every Country Borrows and lives in Debt its how that money is spent that counts.

We are so broke that Overseas Aid has been increased knowing it ends up in personal pockets rather than tackle any problems .The true figure will never be known but Millions wasted on Universal Credit to save pennies but ensure a more draconian unable to interact with system is introduced to help deter the most vulnerable from claiming Lawful Assistance .Camaron 1

An estimated £50 billion railway scheme and rising by the day to benefit a minority of business people by cutting their journey by 20 minutes but destroying Green Belt villages and Country side .

All services cut to the bone ,NH Service chopped up and sold off . Selling off assets at give away prices such as the Post Office .

Enough money to give the new influx of Immigrants being a totally undetermined figure six months of benefits when they first arrive .5% less Tax for the highest earners .

If this Regime can do joined up writing they ought to be able to join up their thinking for the Lies and Deceit they use at least make a believable effort .

For a long time now Britain’s essential EU policy has been to support the expansion of the European Union…

I think you will find, that has in fact been the policy of the infestation in the commons that masquerades as politicians.