We are a Christian country and Christmas is a Christian celebration.

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Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt has provoked anger among her constituents after she omitted the word’Christmas’ from her annual card in favour of the message ‘Happy Holidays’.

Lorely Burt in Shirley Park in 2006

Lorely Burt in Shirley Park in 2006

Solihull MP Lorely Burt has apologised after the words “Merry Christmas” was scrubbed from her cards – a move some angry residents felt smacked of political correctness.

Instead of the traditional seasonal greeting, the Lib Dem politician wishes those in her patch “Happy Holidays” – a phrase dubbed too American by some constituents.

Resident Amanda Higgs complained: “She may as well have wished her constituents a Merry Winterval since that is the name Birmingham City Council once used to seemingly marginalise use of the word Christmas.

“I would wish those who celebrate them a Happy Diwali, Hanukkah, Eid, Chinese New Year, to name a few celebrations, not Happy Holidays. Of course, unlike Lorely, I have no problem in wishing all a Merry Christmas.”

We are a Christian country and Christmas is a Christian celebration.

If you are so ashamed of the word Christmas and all that this implies, can I suggest you work during this ‘Happy Holiday’ period, sing no carols, give and receive no presents, burn the tree and eat fish fingers?

How dare this woman try and reduce the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Yet again our people in power offend Christians yet who betide us if we offend any other religion.



Winterval was the name given to Christmas festivities in 1997 and 1998 by Birmingham council to reflect the diverse nature of the city’s population.

At the time the council said it was making the change to create a more welcoming, multi-cultural atmosphere due to the large proportion of ethnic groups.

However, the move was widely criticised.  The Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev Mark Santer, said it was political correctness gone mad, adding: ‘I confess I laughed out loud when our city council came out with Winterval as a way of not talking about Christmas.’

As reported in the Daily Mail and the Birmingham Mail