What happened to our NHS?

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By Maid of Kent-After arriving at the conclusion that the crisis in our NHS has been caused by the Lib/Lab/Con politicians who have been responsible for the importation of millions of people who either suffer ill-health through poverty and neglect all of their lives in their countries of origin, through their adherence to unhealthy cultural practices or because they now live in a climate which their bodies are not adapted to, the question must be asked as to why they have done this.

As reported on the BNP website

Our NHS is unique not because we provide a free health service to British citizens who are expected to pay taxes to fund it, as other countries have similar kinds of health care services for their citizens, but because our NHS is the only one in the world which will treat anyone in the world who turns up in our country.

When the ruling politicians of every country in the world manage to limit their expensive health care resources to their citizens and exclude anyone who is not entitled to free treatment – why do the Lib/Lab/Cons find it so difficult to do the same?

In fact, so far they have not only refused to even attempt to stop the widespread theft of our NHS services by foreign criminals – a massive crime that is known to have been continually committed since the 1960’s and possibly earlier at a cost to us of untold £billions – but they have deliberately increased the burden on our NHS by their mass immigration policies and their ludicrous decision to treat any foreigners who arrive in Britain infected with dangerous communicable diseases like TB and HIV/Aids.

With the costs of providing NHS services spiralling ever upward propelled purely by their policies the Lib/Lab/Cons are having to search for ways to cut the bills but rather than stop the theft of health services by foreign criminals and rather than admit that their mass immigration policies have produced these unaffordable costs these deceitful politicians seek to penalise the British people by making us pay more.

The latest suggestions from these politicians to control ever rising NHS costs are absolutely nothing of the sort, they are simply ways to get us to pay more so that they can continue to hand out free health care to the population of the world.

Among their furtive investigations aimed at increasing what we pay for our NHS are suggestions about limiting the number of times we can visit our GPs in a year and imposing charges of between £10 to £25 for each GP appointment, fines for missed appointments, increased prescription charges and £10 per night charges for hospital stays.

Recommendations from the ‘think-tank’ Reform also suggest abolishing free prescriptions for the elderly and pregnant women and making the elderly pay for their own end-of-life care.

While the Lib/Lab/Cons sneakily consider these plans to penalise the British people for their shocking waste of our NHS resources their only loudly proclaimed proposal of action is propaganda purely designed to convince the British public who are growing ever more angry at the abuse of our country and our public services by foreigners that they really do intend to do the job that they were elected to do.

This loudly proclaimed plan is supposed to solve the problem of Health Tourism by proposing to charge £200 to foreign visitors to Britain who intend to be here for 6 months or more (thus allowing them unlimited access to our NHS) a plan described by senior consultant in the NHS Professor J Meirion Thomas as the cheapest travel insurance ever devised.

Under these proposals, any criminal health tourist who flits in and out of Britain for their free treatment and is therefore not here for 6 months will not have to pay a penny.

This pathetic £200 charge has not been implemented and probably never will be as the administrative costs would not only swamp any payments collected but would go nowhere near covering the immense costs of providing treatment to any foreigners who pay it – and most will find ways to avoid paying even this pitiful amount. The 6 month visitor timeframe for the £200 levy will ensure that they have a handy loophole to easily evade the charge.

Not only is this pitiful proposal unworkable but to implement any plan to prevent the theft of our precious and expensive to provide NHS would mean upsetting callous ‘liberals’ who think that the ‘rich’ British people should pay for the health care and treatment of ‘poor’ foreigners even when those foreigners are wealthier than us and providing their treatment means that sick British people have to go without.

In addition, the slow and hidden privatisation of the NHS masked by the Lib/Lab/Cons as ‘reforms’ has resulted in large financial gains for particular vested interests (private companies with NHS contracts who are referred to as ‘Service Providers’) who protest loudly at any suggestion to change the present arrangement where we pay for the health treatment of the world while they see their profits grow.

Posing as concerned citizens who protest that they only want to prevent the spread of untreated diseases in Britain – they don’t seem to object to the importation of unwanted and dangerous diseases to Britain – these people are given positions of influence which they use to present seemingly reasonable and civilised opinions about health tourism when their only interest in this foreign scam is the growth of their bank balances at our expense.

Taking such information into account, some logical people surmise that the lack of action by Lib/Lab/Con politicians to prevent health tourism – which every other country on earth manages to achieve – and their policies of mass immigration of poor unskilled people which has increased the burden on the NHS are deliberate actions designed solely to increase the costs of providing the NHS and eventually destroying it so that the British people will not only accept privatisation as necessary but there will be plenty of financial room in the system to provide lots of profit for executives, middlemen and shareholders to make a killing when they take over.

Bearing in mind that Lib/Lab/Con ‘reforms’ always increase the cost of the NHS and that their ongoing investigations to supposedly control the increase of NHS costs have only recommended plans to get us to pay more, these conspiracy theorists make more sense than the Lib/Lab/Con policies.

No doubt, like the sell-offs of our other nationalised services, the assets of our NHS (paid for by us) will be seriously undervalued and sold for a song while all loss making areas will be underwritten by the British taxpayers with the Lib/Lab/Cons telling us that it is all for our best.

The Lib/Lab/Cons have plenty of ‘previous’ in this area, the recent sell-off of the Royal Mail is a prime example of how they implement policies which destroy the profitability of a concern and then present the British people with an unprofitable enterprise which they say is in our interests to get rid of.

Unsurprisingly we are now told that the Royal Mail was seriously undervalued and no doubt, at some time in the future, we will hear of shady executives and major investors raking £millions in from the sell-off.

It is not surprising that conspiracy theorists claim that the Lib/Lab/Cons intend to do the same with our NHS.

With the Lib/Lab/Cons having increased the demand on our NHS by their deliberate importation of millions of unhealthy people, their insistence that we pay the costs of health tourists and their increasing the number of ‘concerned interests’ through the use of financial inducements therefore reducing the number of opponents and their influence on the debate merely increases suspicions that what has happened and is happening to our NHS is deliberate.

Logically it cannot be anything but.

While this series of articles about the critical state of our NHS has exposed the hidden causes behind the crisis in our NHS and the role played by the traitorous Lib/Lab/Cons it has also attempted to expose the reasons behind their actions – and the resulting trail leads straight to their bank balances.

Just as in every other area of national life where deranged policies appear to override sanity and common sense the reasons can be found in increased wealth for the elite and the Lib/Lab/Con politicians responsible.

These deranged policies include our membership of the EU, the wind turbine scam and mass immigration and have cost the British people untold £billions, have destroyed our prosperity and reduced our country to a Third World cesspit.

Virtually every policy implemented by the Lib/Lab/Cons for decades has been designed to enrich themselves and their corrupt associates. No wonder that they pay no attention to the protests of the British people and don’t mention these policies in any election manifesto.

What is clear is that the perverted ideology biased and greed driven attempts of the Lib/Lab/Cons to solve the problems of Britain have resulted in catastrophic consequences not just for our NHS but for our entire country, its infrastructure and its indigenous population.

The only question remaining is this. When will the British people wake up and realise that the Lib/Lab/Con politicians who have lied to them for decades, have imposed policies which have reduced our country to its current state and who have then fed them deliberately misleading statistics to support these policies have also lied to them about the so-called extremism of the British National Party – the only political party which has told the truth for decades?