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By Son-of-Sommevet-I have just sat through an hour of mental torture listening to the verdicts in the Lee Rigby case and I am appalled.

Not only by the verdicts and the manner at which those verdicts were arrived at but also by the mealy-mouthed comments passed by the puppets foisted upon the listener in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.


The Not Guilty verdict for the charge of attempted murder of a policeman is an absolute disgrace to any system that purports to represent justice for its people. One defendant had a gun raised pointing at the police car.

The second defendant made a headlong charge with a machete raised above his head ready to strike what would have been a fatal blow to the officer exiting the car. Fortunately, a police marksman shot him before the blow was delivered, unfortunately, as many people would agree the bullet wounds were not fatal.

It is doubtful that any jury in a British court, given the chain events and the indisputable evidence could ever have returned such a verdict. So who guided the hands that were raised as the nays? Regarding the guilty verdict reached by the jury there is the matter of the one and a half hours that it took to arrive at a verdict. Why did it take one and a half hours to debate what any decent lawyer would have described as an open and shut case? Meaning of course, two minutes to read the charge and a show of hands.

All the evidence was there. The jury had heard the evidence; they had seen the police footage, CCTV footage and also footage from the public. They had also heard irrefutable evidence from the police officers and the eyewitness evidence from members of the public.

So, what was there to debate unless (not unlikely in this topsy-turvy world) there was disagreement in the jury. Surely no-one could have thought this pair of third world murderous invaders were not guilty I doubt we will ever know.  But worse was to come.

It is necessary before proceeding further to clarify that I have the utmost respect for Lee Rigby and his family who have endured a terrible time and deserve the sympathy of everyone in this country.

The writer does not profess to be the brain of Britain but does have some comprehension what is read and what is said, unlike many who occupy positions where such an elementary skill should be a basic requirement.

You may well ask, “Where am I going?”

I refer to those interviewed outside the court after the verdicts were delivered, including the family of Lee Rigby and certain local dignitaries such as Lord Reid the Home Secretary, Teresa May and the leader of Woolwich Council. The family were assembled for the cameras outside the Old Bailey and interviewed.

The father made the statement, “We are happy that justice has been done today.”  Happy?  He has just buried his son and his family are all around him weeping! There is no adjective to fit at this juncture, even satisfied would be incorrect under the circumstances.

Why? Because “justice has not been done today”.

All that has happened is that the jury has returned a verdict. Justice will only have been “done” or at least some attempt at justice when the judge delivers sentence at some time in the future.

Whatever happens, and it could anything between two extremes: whether we get some ludicrous leniency based on the poor chaps being man –handled during their incarceration awaiting trial or their victim status due to being radicalised by Islam, or at the other end of the scale life term imprisonment which does not mean life at all, we can never see the justice that this heinous crime merits. Life Imprisonment simply means that they will enjoy a comfortable thirty or forty years living off the fat of the land with every creature comfort and the taxpayer will foot the bill.

Words that were echoed by other members of the family were, “No family in Britain should have to go through what we have been through.” Absolutely true and no one could disagree. So why not state the obvious? If successive governments had not forced massive immigration and its consequences on the people of these islands, their son would be alive and there would have been no trauma for the family.

This was followed by the usual bunch of appeasers delivering their left wing, hand-wringing, lovey-dovey crap that we are all supposed to believe. The British National Party are often accused of jumping on somebody or others bandwagon but this trial has been usurped in a most unsavoury manner by the extreme left as a most superb stage to deliver its insane message of multicultural crap. It seemed as though they were all reading from the same script that could easily have been written for the occasion by George Galloway or Ken Livingstone.

First up was the leader of the Woolwich Council (Labour) who opened with the same erroneous declaration that Justice has been done today. But justice has not been done!  He then went on to inform the public that Woolwich is a “strong and united community of many diverse peoples etc, etc.”

Well I suppose that must be true unless you just happen to be a young, decent, white soldier serving your Queen and country in the armed forces. He failed to exclude such people from his statement. He was followed by Lord Reid MP who, reading from the same script opened with, “Justice has been done today.”

But it has not been done!  

Then, the same message different words, he explained how wonderfully diverse and united are the various peoples of Woolwich. Teresa May Tory MP. was next with the identical message about justice, or non-justice, followed by a diatribe of how what was probably the most horrific murder to take place on the streets of Britain since medieval times had united our great nation and its wonderfully diverse peoples

Did you ever hear such rubbish?

Time for the on/off switch.

Remember this, Lee Rigby is only the beginning. Unless we, the people of Great Britain get rid of the lid/lab/con and set about stopping the indigenous Brits becoming a minority in their homeland there is no hope for the future of my children and grandchildren.

The British National Party is our only hope.

God help us all.

As reported in BNP website