Karl Marx didn’t have any answers and neither has Milliband

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Labour’s hopes depend on whether Ed the house-builder can also reconstruct the state

Would we need 5 new towns , if our population had not risen so much because he , and his rotten party had not encouraged mass immigration, even going so far as to ”send out search parties ” to further enrich our country.?

The absolute effrontery of Milliband, Balls and Harman, in thinking that they have any right to govern,after the catastrophic effects that their policy of mass immigration has inflicted on our country, is breathtaking.reded1

Incidentally, the tribal view of Labour by our white working class is quickly breaking down, and I speak as one of them.

It is us who have born the brunt of the traitorous policies of Labour.

We have lost our social housing, our school places, our jobs, our places in the medical centres, some of us have lost our under age daughters to the groomers and rapists

As far as I can see he has no policies or even any ideas whatsoever on creating economic growth based on increasing wealth generation by the private sector which is the only way of slowing down the UK’s climbing debt mountain. I suspect this is because he has no real contacts with the private sector and nobody in his party who was any ideas how to engineer real economic growth. The private sector is a part of the universe that left wing labour has never visited or ever will. Miliband talks about the private sector as though all they are little more than criminals needing regular application of the labour stick to fall into line. This type of limited thinking is basically hopeless as far as creating a new future for the UK is concerned. Redistribution and kicking the private sector will not generate any economic growth whatsoever so if Labour get in the EU ill be condemned to low growth, spendthrift policies and private companies deciding to invest elsewhere in the world. His policy of an energy price freeze shows he is either disingenuous or clueless. It really doesn’t matter which as both approaches are totally hopeless. Why does the UK political class have to be so utterly useless and naïve? Are only entrants who are totally useless, naive and understand nothing of how the real world outside politics works acceptable to UK political parties, especially Labour.

The UK needs politicians who understand the real world and finance instead of the self-seeking vacuous know-nothings who stand there pontificating and preen themselves to look pretty (not even look pretty in Miliband’s case)