They are more adept than North Korea at announcing policies and then air brushing them from history

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An amendment tabled by a Tory backbencher has rekindled divisions over the EU’s influence

It’s all showboating to distract the plebs. None of them have the slightest intention of doing anything about immigration

t’s difficult to conceive how a Conservative party could lead itself into such a shambles. Frequently admitting something needs done about immigration or aspects of immigration, continually announcing plans and then immediately binning them. They are more adept than North Korea at announcing policies and then air brushing them from history as they somberly and proudly announce the next policy which is banished the next day. Almost daily Mrs. May announces Tough New Rules only to announce the next day that unfortunately due to “..insert excuse..” it can’t be done.Immigration

The party is controlled by the same interests who control the “mainstream” media and the Labour party.
Of course they wont change.
They have been following a plan to completely ghettoise and fragment the nation FOR DECADES.
They have been acting against the interests and will of the overwhelming majority FOR DECADES.

This is Clegg on the possibility of immigration controls:

“If we pull up the drawbridge now and say to German lawyers or Finnish engineers or Dutch accountants that they can’t come to work here it would be a disaster for our economy.


“The City of London would grind to a halt overnight. It would be very, very bad for British business. It would be very unwelcome to the 2 million Brits who live and work abroad.”

This man is deranged and dangerous.

Radio 5 had Hungarian euroleech Lazlo Andors on to tell us he was mystified by the British government’s stance because there was ample evidence to show that the economy had benefitted enormously from immigration.

Miraculously, my teacups survived this broadcast.