The day our TV news or the mainstream newspapers report articles with no bias, no agenda and no ‘leaning’ is a day I doubt many of us will live to see.

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‘ BBC and Channel 4 news prefer their ‘narratives’ to the truth’

The BBC is a threat to British freedom and democracy and should be abolished.
It does it in our name, we pay for it with the licence fee and it has an almost monopolistic news position

Journalists, like anybody else are frightened for their jobs. And they go native. It takes a special kind of character to go against “the narrative”. The cost of dissent is usually the door. (See Torben Frijs, Borgen – his dilemma was all too real) BBC-Bloated

Look at Question Time. It present four Lefties and a normal person. it busses in the same audience every night. I find it comical that with no university for seventy miles in commuter stock broker belt they managed to make sure the audience comprised mostly hard left students. It is a travesty.

The people who have shoved multicultural extremism and uncontrolled immigration down our throats are running scared so they either insult, deny, smear, sneer or misrepresent, what they do not do is confront reality, debate honestly or say sorry.