Should people not all have to accept core British values?

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The time has finally arrived when the liberal progressives, like most of the mainstream journalists have no option other than to confront the reality of Islam in the UK.

I smile at the knots the progressives tie themselves up in, trying to accommodate Islam while at the same time defend the hard fought freedoms we are accustomed to in the UK.core_values

The demographic reality of the UK, means that the cultural norms of the UK are being lost and there is an acceleration in the loss. We are being colonised from within. We, or rather the liberal progressives, smugly thought their progressive values would be respected, if they forced the population of the UK to accommodate Islam as though it was an equally valid cultural norm for the UK.

Their naivety is staggering and now we are all paying the price.

We accepted the Trojan Horse, and wheeled it into the very heart of our democracy, and those who were hidden within, are now using our democracy against us. It is now too late though this will not stop the conflict that is surely to follow.

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