The Dark Lords of Immigration-Part Two

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By John Booth-When Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations in 1776 one of the issues he addressed himself to was the higher wages in the American colonies compared to those of Britain.  

As reported on the BNP website

 The answer as befits the first modern book on economics was the difference in the conditions of supply and demand.  Labour being in shorter supply in the colonies meant employers were prepared to pay more and bid wages up.

This had two effects.  Firstly, workers got a bigger share of the wealth created and secondly the highest productive jobs were done first, meaning that some of the less productive jobs were not done at all.

Clearly increasing the labour force through immigration meant more things could be done, but at a lower level of productivity and at lower wages as a result of the lower productivity but also because increased labour supply bid down wages.

As time went on, a much larger population would allow for economies of scale to be achieved, but there would come a time when the optimum population would be reached and further population increases would mean a rise in costs as the size of the economy pushed up against the constraints of size of the useable and hospitable land in America.

Of course, America being a huge and fertile land this will be for some time to come, but for a small country like Britain or an arid country like Australia, this would happen with a much smaller population.

Australia, the size of America and with a population one third that of Britain is already pushing up against the economic constraints of the country. One can imagine that should Australia wish to engage in some massive infrastructure projects like irrigating the desert it could expand its population greatly, but why should it?

The costs would be astronomical and who would benefit, not the present population. Australia is already seen as the richest country in the world by some economists, so why work harder to benefit someone else.

Of course America had another reason to expand its population. Which was to occupy the land before the colonial powers of Britain, France and Spain could.

Britain hit the limits of economies of sale at the end of the 19th century. At that time with a population of 40,000,000, it was no longer the workshop of the world, this being achieved some 20-25 years earlier.

In its heyday Britain was producing half of the world’s coal, two thirds of the world’s merchant marine, two thirds of  the world’s textiles, half of its ships and steel, and most of its locos, as well as most of the world’s manufactures and having the world’s largest engineering industry.

Today it produces virtually no coal, no textiles, no steel, no ships, no manufactures and has a much smaller merchant marine while having a population over 50% higher.

How come?  With great difficulty, 2.5 million unemployed, zero hours contracts, temporary jobs, poor housing, failing national health service, failing care for the elderly and no chance to save for pensions or precious little else, personal debt is at an all time high, see personnel debt mountain.

But it gets worse. Not only is the economy failing, some of us want to preserve our wonderful natural heritage.

Not just its rolling countryside, meadows, woods and streams but also urban environments with parks and squares, and green spaces both to enjoy for their own sake and contemplation, but also for children to play safely and for recreational walks and sport and even just the views.

Such simple pleasures are lost on those who just want to cram as many people onto these islands as they can for their own self-righteous ends.

And what are those ulterior motives? Why push the population to such a disastrous level?

Britons are emigrating at between 300 to 500,000 a year; the birth rate of indigenous Britons is at or below the replacement rate, the present size of population can only have come about through mass immigration. To what end?

There is clearly a messianic fervour about those who are obsessed by immigration.

Their obsession with race and colour mean they are true racists. Like the high priests of the Andean death cults, or the witch hunters and heretic hunters in Europe or America their sanctimonious, self righteous holier-than-thou views justifies in their mind their racist anti white anti working class views.

Had they been alive in the middle ages they would have been the leaders of the inquisition or making human sacrifices to the gods.

This is why we must resist them by every way at our disposal before their death cult destroys our country.

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