‘European Union has no right to demand anything’ – Marine Le Pen

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As reported in The Voice of Russia



Until now, European politicians made ​​it clear that they are interested in inner domestic Ukrainian dialogue much less than in Kiev signing an association agreement on any terms. Several European leaders even openly talked that for a European future Ukraine needs a new government. However, not everyone in Europe believes that Ukraine made a mistake by refusing to sign an association agreement. French National Front leader Marine Le Pen gave an interview to the Russian newspaper ‘Vzglyad’ (‘View’), in which she stated that Brussels openly interfere in the sovereign affairs of Ukraine, which really does not need European integration.


During your visit to Sevastopol last summer, you said about Ukraine’s Eurointegration that you perceived that country as a friend, but added that “friends are not invited into a nightmare”. Have your changed your opinion?

No, of course I haven’t. First, I think that there is no point for Ukraine to join the European Union. Second, I think that there is no point for the EU either to continue its expansion while itself being on the brink of ruin and collapse.

Do you follow the developments in Ukraine?

Yes, I do – but only through the French press one can hardly call impartial.

What’s you assessment of actions by President Viktor Yanykovych?

I am not taking on the role of a manager of the internal affairs of sovereign countries. But what surprises me is that the European Union declared the Ukrainian president illegitimate, relying on the opinion of just several thousand demonstrators. I find it all the more surprising since, as we remember, a million and a half Frenchmen took to the streets against Francois Hollande a year ago, but the European Union failed to accuse him of illegitimacy. If there are differences between part of the Ukrainian population and the president, they can be resolved through elections. But demanding the president’s early resignation just because of demonstrations – I find it strange. There were mass demonstrations in France last year, but no such demands were put forward.

You say that you do not consider that you have the right to judge other states on the questions of internal affairs. However, some leaders of Europe and the US now come to Kiev and publicly advocate for Independence. Do you think it is interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state?

Of course, and I was quite shocked that Mr Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, intended to meet with Ukrainian oppositionist. I see, however, that he canceled the meeting, but I still find it quite shocking. You shouldn’t do it like this. Or does that mean that the international law no longer exists?!

What do you think about the latest requirements of Kiev, that announced that the agreement will be signed with the EU in case Ukraine would receive financial assistance from Europe in the sum of 20 billion euros?

I do not know about the level of sincerity of this proposal.

But it is not the EU who offers this to Ukraine, it is what Yanukovich is demanding from EU…

I understand. Some analysts believe that President Yanukovych has formed this requirement to ensure that EU would reject it, in order to demonstrate to the Ukrainian people that financial assistance that Ukrainians expect from the European Union, is in fact a lie. So I do not know what was the nature of this requirement, whether it was sincere or it was a tactical move due to what is happening in the Ukraine today… I do not know, I do not have enough information on this topic.

In your opinion, is European Union really ready to accept Ukraine? Despite the fact that British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that he will not let to the UK to work Bulgarians and Romanians who recently joined EU, even if this violates the principles of the EU?

The European Union today is not ready to accept any country. The European Union is almost ruined and experiencing the most severe problems with the last joined countries, Bulgaria and Romania. Any new “window” for any new countries will only contribute to the acceleration of weakening of the EU.

But, for example, Poland joined European Union 10 years ago. 10 years ago the level of development of Ukraine and Poland was the same, moreover, the Polish people came to Ukraine for goods. Nowadays, the level of development of Poland is incomparable to Ukraine.

The problem is that the “new countries” that had the level of economic development different from the “old” EU countries, have received hundreds of billions of euros of aid. Such assistance lasts for several years. But then white bread is replaced with black one. Today the European Union doesn’t have that money. It doesn’t have the level of prosperity as ten years ago. From which it follows that if Ukrainians hope that by joining the European Union they will be supported financially, as it happened with Poland, they are mistaken.

What, in your opinion, is the best way out for Ukraine from the current situation?

The most desirable way out of any political crisis is the elections. At least it solves the problem. In my opinion, if the process of diplomacy between the opposition and the parliamentary majority does not lead to the exit from the crisis, it is necessary to organize a referendum.

That’s exactly what opposition demands from Yanukovych – early elections.

This is very good! One thing is when it happens within the framework of agreements between the current government and the opposition that would have decided to organize elections, another things is if the European Union requires that election. The European Union has no right to demand anything.

A slight change of subject… ‘Forbes’ magazine recognized Russian President Vladimir Putin as “the most powerful man in the world” in 2013. What is your assessment of Vladimir Putin?

Undoubtedly, Vladimir Putin returned Russia to the group of countries that have a strong influence in the world. And this is something new. I think that at the time of the Syrian crisis Russia again took a very important place in the world of diplomacy, a place that Russia, perhaps had lost in the past. Indeed, in 2013 Vladimir Putin spoke from the geopolitical arena as a very influential person.

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